Post by Jesse, Information Services staff Bibliotherapy is a methodology that has been explored in Canadian libraries more recently. It has been more commonly found within UK libraries during the last decade. Bibliotherapy involves the use of books to help people heal social, emotional or personal problems. The practice of reading more mindfully, within all genres,… Read More Bibliotherapy

Book Review: The Death of Vivek Oji

Post by Kim, Information Services The Death of Vivek Oji is a captivating and moving story by Nigerian author Akwaeke Emezi.   Vivek Oji, the main character, is a bit of a mystery to his family. His mother Kavita knows Vivek is a gentle soul even though others view him as different and troubled. His father, Chika, is more concerned about the danger of Vivek going out with long hair in an intolerant Nigerian society,… Read More Book Review: The Death of Vivek Oji

85 Green: Get to know Chef Jaret

Post by Kristin, Information Services Staff. The 85Green: Cooking Series is a new collaboration with Collective Catering at The Underground Flavour Group. With monthly recipes designed for both individuals and families, we hope to build up food literacy in the community while exploring the intersection of food and culture.  This month, Chef Jaret is our featured chef. Get to know him before… Read More 85 Green: Get to know Chef Jaret

Explore Waterloo Region (#ExploreWR): Inspiring Titles

Post by Scott, Grace Schmidt Room staff. From the Grand River to the Spur Line Trail, Waterloo Region is full of amazing places, both natural and built. To inspire you to get moving and explore your community this spring, we’ve created a list of books you can borrow at KPL, organized by activity. Be sure to use #ExploreWR to share events, things to do and photos.  … Read More Explore Waterloo Region (#ExploreWR): Inspiring Titles

QueerKPL: Media Club

Post by Jesse, Information Services staff. The Subtweet examines the intersections of the music industry, race, and social media through the transformative friendship between two musicians. Vivek Shraya described her identity in a 2016 interview as “Artist / South Asian / Trans / Femme / Bisexual”. Her art is multidisciplinary, ranging from music to photography… Read More QueerKPL: Media Club