End of Week Care Package

Welcome to the first installment of our End of Week Care Package!  As library staff, we miss seeing all of you in person. We miss chatting with our regular customers. We miss meeting new folks every day. And we miss the general magic of all the chance encounters, unexpected conversations, and unpredictable questions that allow … Continue reading End of Week Care Package

Sports: the at-home edition

Post by Caleb Redekop, Community Outreach Coordinator If you're anything like me, the lack of live sports over the last few weeks has left a huge gap in your routine. You may feel it most profoundly when you sit down in the evening and realize you have nothing to watch, or you are unable to … Continue reading Sports: the at-home edition

Tips for Working From Home

We're here to help you get organized! Check out these resources to help you find your flow when working from home. Here are some audiobooks, ebooks, tutorial and playlists that we recommend for you. This resource list was created as a follow-up to our Get Organized! Virtual Series. Remember to log in with your library … Continue reading Tips for Working From Home

Separating Fact from Fiction Amid COVID-19

Post by Ada Wassink Librarian, Information Services In these uncertain times, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by constant updates about COVID-19, especially when it feels like there's a lot of contradictory information. Now, more than ever, it’s important to make sure what we’re reading is accurate.  We probably all have that one Facebook friend or … Continue reading Separating Fact from Fiction Amid COVID-19

Why Access to E-books and Audiobooks is Critical

Post by Mary Chevreau CEO, Kitchener Public Library Every decision we make at Kitchener Public Library comes from our commitment to connecting customers with the titles they want to read and providing equal access for everyone in our community. We are huge advocates for reading and literacy, whether through traditional formats like print books or … Continue reading Why Access to E-books and Audiobooks is Critical