Listen to This? Read That!

Post by Kristin, Information Services staff Pre- and post-pandemic, podcasts were/are my jam! I love the voices, the storytelling, and perhaps most of all: the introduction to new ideas, perspectives and writers. I often find that after I’m finished with a podcast, I’m placing a hold on a book to extend the conversation I just heard and learn more.   Podcasts are such a great way to get know to more… Read More Listen to This? Read That!

Queer KPL Media Club: All Boys Aren’t Blue

Post by Kim, Information Services staff All Boys Aren’t Blue is a series of thought-provoking personal essays by George M. Johnson that we will be discussing as a part of Queer Media Club this month.   It’s a memoir that discusses the trials and triumphs of growing up Black and Queer in the United States, something that has been rarely written about. Johnson speaks candidly about… Read More Queer KPL Media Club: All Boys Aren’t Blue