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Autism: Breaking down barriers

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Holding in the Storm

You probably know someone who is living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Maybe someone in your family, or a student in your child’s school. Maybe a co-worker, or one of your clients or customers.

Research continues on the causes of autism and the best ways to address it. But what do you know about living with autism? Social isolation is one of the most common and most overlooked aspects of life for people with autism.

Kitchener Public Library and Waterloo Wellington Autism Services are hosting a film and discussion tomorrow night (September 18) at Central Library. The short film Holding in the Storm sheds light on the social isolation of autism and aims to break down barriers by helping people shift their point of view.

Following the film, there will be a discussion led by Dr. John Lord, a founder and director of the Centre for Community Based Research. Dr. Lord is a researcher and advocate for people with developmental disabilities.

The event is free, and everyone is welcome to attend but registration is required.

Kitchener Public Library also has an extensive Autism Collection, located on the upper level of Central Library. It includes recent books, memoirs, guides, DVDs, and educational resources. If you have the opportunity, it’s well worth taking a look at this comprehensive collection, which is was created and is maintained with support from Waterloo Wellington Autism Services.

Here are just a few examples of items from the Autism Collection. Click on the covers for more information. If you have any questions about the Autism Collection, please e-mail our Consumer Health Librarian, susan.letkeman@kpl.org or call her at 519.743.0271 ex 230.

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