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“We built it, and they came!”

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We’re wrapping up March Break Boredom Busters – more than 50 programs and events at our five library locations, including toddler dance parties, drama workshops, Minecraft, March Break Movies, craft sessions and more. Teens and tweens learned how to make and edit videos, and created their own websites.

This year, we were especially thrilled to feel the buzz in the Children’s Library at Central. This is our first March Break after the expansion and renovation, and it was an incredible experience. Every day the room filled with families, friends, and caregivers. Some people were here for programs, and some just to hang out, but everyone was here for a good time. And at 3:30 pm each day, more than 100 people trooped in to the Theatre for a family-friendly Free Flick.

“We built it, and they came!” said Laura Reed, manager of Children’s and Teen Services, beaming as she surveyed the hubbub.

“One of the best parts was seeing the children get creative. Many of our programs were unstructured and imagination-based,” said children’s librarian Barb.  “We hope that, for those who didn’t get to go away for March Break, the library provided a lot of fun and good times. I know our staff certainly had a great week!”

I’ve been amazed by the unflagging energy of Children’s staff (I call them “Meatballs”) led by Laura and librarians Kevin and Barb. Children’s programmers are Emily, Jen, Cheryl, Emma, Karen B., Karen W., and Kelly, and the department is supported by Olga, Lisa, Farzanah, Sarah, Priscilla, and Aleida. They spend months plotting and planning, and then it’s all over in one whirlwind week. **Round of applause, Meatballs!**

We respect the privacy of our customers, so we can’t show you the whole Children’s Library in action. But click on the first picture below and enjoy our Boredom Busting slide show!


Author: Charlotte Prong

I'm the Social Media Editor at Kitchener Public Library. Follow us on Twitter @KitchLibrary, on Instagram @kitchenerlibrary, or like our page on Facebook.

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