We’re thankful for: our volunteers

Thank you pumpkins

It’s Thanksgiving, and we want to take this opportunity to thank an incredible group of people – our volunteers.

On October 7th, we honoured their service at our annual Volunteer Appreciation Night.

Because we have volunteers from such a diverse age range, from teenagers who have just started with us, and up to adults who have volunteered for 35 years (!), the theme of the evening was cross-generational support.

“Everyone in this room, and many more across this city, has a talent or a skill or an experience that can add value to the life of someone else,” said Sherry Erb, manager of volunteer services at Kitchener Public Library.

“It’s you, the volunteers, who make each of our libraries so special. It’s not the space itself, it’s the place you make it. A place where people of all ages come together in a rising tide that lifts all boats; a place where community connects.”

Our volunteers were also thanked in speeches from Mayor Berry Vrbanovic, library board chair Wayne Buchholtz, and library CEO Mary Chevreau.

Long service volunteer Carolyn Pegg gave the keynote speech about why volunteering means so much to her, and we were also treated to Oktoberfest music performed by the Sandy MacDonald trio.

To our volunteers – many of our programs and services wouldn’t exist without you. We thank you for your generosity and commitment to your community and to Kitchener Public Library.

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