Show us your library love!


We’re celebrating Ontario Public Library Week (Oct. 18 – 24) and we hope you are too.

You can celebrate this week by telling us why you love your library:

FIND A PAPER HEART: Come to any Kitchener Public Library location, find a paper heart hidden in the children’s section, and write why you love your library. We’ll post your heartfelt answers!

HASHTAG #OPLW: Use Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, or the Ontario Public Library Week website to share why you love Kitchener Public Library. Use the hashtag #OPLW. Every answer gives you a chance to win a Kobo for yourself, and one for your library. It’s easy!

Of course, as our customers, you’re already celebrating in the best possible way: by using your library collections, services, programs, and spaces.


At Kitchener Public Library in 2014:

  • We maintained more than 104,000 active card holders
  • Customers borrowed more than 2.6 million items
  • You asked us 80,000+ questions (and we think we answered most of them!)
  • We logged more than 114,000 free computer bookings
  • Access to free wi-fi in the library almost doubled
  • Use of online products (e-books, movies, music, databases, etc.) went up by 33%
  • 65,000 people attended a free program or event

Across Ontario in 2013:

  • Libraries saw 71 million visits
  • 3.7 million people attended for a library program or event
  • 4.9 million people had an active library card
  • Public libraries serve 99.34% of the population – we’re reaching you where you live!

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