Spring dreams at the seed library


You know you can come to us for books, magazines, movies, CDs, computer time, free wi-fi, a 3D printer, and more.

But for the next month, we’re going back to nature – Tri-City Seed Exchange is offering a seed library!

Starting on Monday, November 9th, Central Library will be hosting Tri-City Seed in our usual community display space on the upper level, right outside the Grace Schmidt Room of Local History.

This display is a self-service (honour system) seed exchange program. Take seeds of your choice, and, if you’re a gardener, you may leave some seeds of your own. The seed library will be here for about a month, and will return in the spring of 2016. The display includes information about Tri-City Seeds and how the exchange process works.

You’ll find plenty of other resources on the second floor too – books about gardening, seed diversity, and growing your own food. Now that your garden has been put to bed for winter, it’s time to start scheming and dreaming of spring.


Seed libraries reduce barriers to accessing seeds and resources necessary to grow and harvest healthy food.

Seed libraries reintroduce the culture of seed saving. They reconnect us to the natural world, increasing awareness and respect for seed farming and the source of our food.

Seed libraries preserve traditional crops and culture by growing and encouraging seed diversity.

We’d like to thank Tri-City Seed Exchange for bringing their seed library to us. For more information, connect with them on their Facebook page or blog.

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