Kindness inspires kindness

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Last week, we celebrated Random Act of Kindness Day across Waterloo Region.

Here at Central Library, we were surprised with a lovely act of kindness from a local insurance company. Staff members from Lackner McLennan dropped in with a tray of sweet treats for us all to enjoy, and they visited several other community organizations as well. Thanks, Lackner McLennan, for your act of kindness for our staff!

At each of our library locations throughout the city, we offered a little act of kindness ourselves. We cleared overdue fees for random customers ($10 or less), and only asked that they pay it forward with an act of kindness themselves.

Here’s one small example of the way a random act of kindness can affect both the giver and the receiver, from staff member Vicki:

“I had a fellow who is currently staying at a shelter and when I mentioned his small fine, and then mentioned Random Act of Kindness Day, and waived his fine, I saw his face transform. It went from stressed to a much softened expression of relief. He only said a few words, but his facial expression was all I needed. The act of kindness is as much for the giver as the receiver, and that is why I was glad to be able to participate on this special day.”

rakday3  Here are a few comments from our delighted customers:

“Oh, you have made my day!”

“I bought breakfast for two people today, and look what’s happened to me now. Thank you!”

“I can’t believe this. This makes me so happy.”

Really? You’ll pay my fine?! I can’t believe this. Thank you!”

“I love you!”


By the way, if you have unpaid fines, don’t let it keep you from using your library. There’s no shame in overdue fines – it happens to the best of us. In most cases, you’ll be able to continue using your card until it’s time to renew. We don’t want to lose you as a customer!
Learn more about our overdue policy (scroll down).

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