Sports: the at-home edition

Post by Caleb Redekop, Community Outreach Coordinator

If you’re anything like me, the lack of live sports over the last few weeks has left a huge gap in your routine. You may feel it most profoundly when you sit down in the evening and realize you have nothing to watch, or you are unable to attend a Kitchener Rangers or KW Titans game with your friends. I notice it most when I go to my phone to check my fantasy teams before remembering that games haven’t been played in weeks!

Here are some suggestions so you can continue to get your sports fix during this time:

  • Watch old games online. The NHL, NBA and MLB streaming services are currently free of charge. Watch the Toronto Raptors NBA Championship run, Connor McDavid’s Oilers or watch Bo Bichette and the Toronto Blue Jays play Sunday afternoon baseball. 
  • Learn about the history of and key figures in your favourite sport with Kitchener Public Library’s digital resources. Game, Set ,and Match: Billie Jean King and the Revolution in Women’s Sports tells the story of how this tennis star not only changed her sport but challenged societal perspectives around gender equality. Aram Goudsouzian’s King of the Court looks at the revolutionary impact Bill Russell had on basketball and provides insight on the topic of race relations in America. Or watch the documentary Knuckleball! to learn about the impossible-to-hit pitch and about the eclectic athletics who throw it. 

I hope these suggestions help you continue to embrace your love of sports! 

Looking for more suggestions? Email us at for recommendations.