Thrifting in Waterloo Region

Post by Ellie, Information Services Staff.

A graphic image of two people, a man, and a woman, presumably married, standing in an antique store. Surrounding them are trinkets, furniture, lamps, curtains, and various bottles and decorative items.

If you’re someone who likes libraries, chances are you’re also someone who likes thrift stores. They share some fundamental elements – they both offer something that may have been loved and enjoyed by someone else, both cut down on waste and offer a sustainable alternative, both provide opportunities for treasure hunting, and both save their users a lot of money.

Maybe I’m reaching to draw comparisons between the library and thrift stores, but one thing’s for sure, our staff love thrifting! And a (very informal) survey revealed these as our top spots for thrifting in the Waterloo Region:

An exterior photo of the New Hamburg Thrift Centre.

The New Hamburg Thrift Centre is the mecca of Mennonite run thrift stores. Great selection, great prices, lovely people. This place has it all from dish wear to collectibles to craft supplies to clothes, shoes and furniture. This store made headlines when an original Maud Lewis painting was found in their donation bin in 2017 and has since been auctioned off for $45000, which is great news because all of their proceeds go to fund the excellent work done by the MCC. 41 Heritage Dr in New Hamburg.

The interior of Worth a Second Look. Visible in the image are shelves stacked with small trinkets and items. People are casually browsing the items in the store.

Worth a Second Look is owned and operated by one of our favourite local organizations, The Working Centre. The operation and proceeds of this shop contribute to serve under housed and under employed populations. This is an amazing place to find super affordable furniture, unique house wears as well as an extensive book section. 97 Victoria St N.

An exterior shot of 50 kent, Thrift on Kent.

Thrift on Kent is one of our favs! This shop came about as an amalgamation of at least two separate Mennonite Central Committee-owned thrift stores in town, and it’s bigger and better than ever. Amazing selection, high quality items are beautifully displayed and reasonably priced. There is always a selection of locally made quilts on display, a silent auction for rare and collectible items and the proceeds go to the important work done by the MCC. Plus, the staff and volunteers who work there are lovely. 50 Kent St.

An exterior shot of Mission Thrift Store.

Mission Thrift Store is the new and improved version of Bibles for Missions that used to live on the Scott Street in Downtown Kitchener. It now lives within the plaza at Frederick Mall, and it is better than ever. They have a ton of housewares, toys, books, and clothes, and their prices are very low. 385 Frederick St

A distant exterior shot of the Goodwill in Kitchener.

Goodwill in Kitchener is a great thrift stand by offering a ton of houseware, furniture and clothes. 1348 Weber St E.

An exterior photo of the Beat Goes on in Kitchener.

For secondhand CDs, Records and DVDs the best place in town is The Beat Goes On!

Check out this curated collection of library materials to assist and inspire you on your thrifting missions!

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