Music That Moves You with Charlena Russell

Music is the universal language. It brings people together, it colours our memories, it moves us. And now – perhaps, more than ever – is the perfect time to celebrate the joy and beauty music provides.

Every other week, we will profile a different community member who will share how music moves them. We will then share links to library resources based on their personal tastes so that Kitchener Public Library can help you discover new music to move you! 

“When she opened her mouth to sing I was so moved I burst into tears and didn’t even realize I was crying until the song ended!” – Charlena Russell

Charlena Russell holding a violin while sitting cross-legged on the ground. behind Charlena are several electric guitars.
Photo: Jessica Rediker

Charlena Russell is the owner and Head Instructor of Russell Music. A dedicated musician since she was 12, Charlena loves teaching her students the songs that make their eyes light up.

Share one of your favourite musical memories.

“The first time I saw my life long music hero Bjork I took the bus to New York City! When she opened her mouth to sing I was so moved I burst into tears and didn’t even realize I was crying until the song ended! I had no idea the impact hearing and seeing her live would have on me. Years later I crossed paths with her in Iceland!”

What are listening to lately? Tell us about it!

“I’ve been studying advanced Italian Arias from the 1500’s . I’ve also been listening to 90’s alternative, Jazz, trip-hop, Grimes and an artist named Banks.”

What song/album always makes you cry?

“The song ‘Grey’ by Ani Difranco.

Share Charlena’s tastes?

Library staff love music, too! Based on Charlena’s responses, we were inspired to create a personalized playlist with Freegal – a music streaming service that you can access for free with your library card!

Charlena's Personalized Playlist: Bjork "All is Full of Love", Bat for Lashes "Strangelove", Banks "Fall Over", Fiona Apple "Fast as You Can", Toro y Moi "Still Sound", Esthero "That Girl", David Bowie "Heroes", St Lucia "We Got It Wrong", Bjork "isobel", Sigur Ros "Find What You Get"

Listen to the playlist. You may be asked to login using your library card. (Need a library card? No problem – sign up here.)

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Looking for more?

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