Music That Moves You with Graeme Ruck

Music is the universal language. It brings people together, it colours our memories, it moves us. And now – perhaps, more than ever – is the perfect time to celebrate the joy and beauty music provides.

Every other week, we will profile a different community member who will share how music moves them. We will then share links to library resources based on their personal tastes so that Kitchener Public Library can help you discover new music to move you! 

“…Radiohead’s Kid A…The first four notes are arguably the best first four notes of any album ever..” – Graeme Ruck

Graeme Ruck sitting in a recording studio holding a guitar. A microphone is positioned at the guitar. It appears as though Graeme is currently recording a piece of music.
Photo: Jessica Rediker

Graeme is an Assistant in Heffner Studio at Central with an interest in audio production, analog synths and ambient music. He is the bassist for local wizard rock band The Lovegoods and frequent multi-instrumentalist support for singer/songwriter Elsa Jayne.

Share one of your favourite musical memories?

“Summer, 2011 I lived in Montreal. Arcade Fire were coming home after touring their Grammy-winning album The Suburbs, and put on a free Thank You show outside at the Place des Festivals, with opening acts Kid Koala & Karkwa. It was amazing to be a part of a homecoming show for one of my favourite bands with over 100,000 other people.”

What album can’t you live without?.

“It has to be Radiohead’s Kid A. It’s perfect for all occasions: driving, walking, taking the bus, writing essays at 3AM. The first four notes are arguably the best first four notes of any album ever.”

Who is your favourite guilty pleasure?

“My Chemical Romance, alternating between Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge & The Black Parade.”

Share Graeme’s tastes?

Library staff love music, too! Based on Graeme’s responses, we were inspired to create a personalized playlist with Freegal – a music streaming service that you can access for free with your library card!

Graeme's Personalized Playlist: Arcade Fire "The Suburbs", Yo La Tengo "Oh! Sweet Nothing", Broken Social Scene "World Sick", Sheer Mag "Need to Feel Your Love", the Strokes "Juicebox", Franz Ferdinand "Take Me Out", The Black Keys "Keep Me", Matthew Sweet "We're the Same", Lord Huron "The Night We Met", The Raveonettes "Sleepwalking", The Racounteurs "Somedays I don't Feel Like Talking", Deadly Snakes "Love Undone", BBQ "Hand On".

Listen to the playlist. You may be asked to login using your library card. (Need a library card? No problem – sign up here.)

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