Connecting with Friends Virtually

Post by Anne and Megan, Information Services Staff 

As we get older, sometimes it takes true dedication to maintain old friendships and make new ones. Add a pandemic that prevents in-person interactions, and things get complicated. We’re rounding up some ideas to help you make (and keep) meaningful connections from a distance. These resources are free! 

Find New Friends 

Making friends can be scary, but the good news is you don’t even have to leave home. You could technically be in pajamas from the waist down (we won’t tell)! Find something you like to do and maybe you’ll meet someone while doing it. These KPL programs are perfect for folks looking to connect: 

Beyond the library, there are apps and websites with events and groups for like-minded folks: 

  • Meetup: discover events for all the things you love 
  • Nextdoor: an app to instantly connect to people, businesses, and happenings near your home 
  • Eventbrite: browse events happening locally or abroad 
  • Facebook: find a group for just about anything  

Fun with Friends 

Have you talked to your family? Your close distanced friends? Your beloved, but distant school friends? Need ideas for a distanced activity to do together? The resources below feature digital collections with items that are ‘always available’. There are no holds, just check them out and get going. We’ve got ideas for all kinds of friendships. Give a friend a call and get started. 

For the friend that… is a Foodie 

Watch a foodie film, put on some dinner music, dive into sourdough together or discuss your favourite drool-worthy magazines. 

For the friend who … loves Water Adventure Travel 

Do some arm chair travel or plan for a future trip in an exotic location. Watch a film, flip through a magazine or throw on some Caribbean tunes together. 

For the friend who… is a total nerd for DIY 

Got a friend who thinks they can do it better themselves? Find a new hobby to try with them and do it together from a distance. Whether that’s a home project, learning photography, gardening or more 

For the Friend who… is a Fitness Fanatic 

Send them a workout and do it together virtually! Take inspiration from a magazine, throw on a playlist or follow along with the same online video. If you are following a video, we suggest muting to avoid a strange and sweaty feedback loop. 

For the friend who… Knits or wants to Knit 

Grab an e-magazine or e-audiobook, some needles, yarn and get going. Better yet, join us for Knit n’ Lit on the first Tuesday of each month. 

Looking for more suggestions of what to watch / listen / read next? Fill out a May We Suggest form or request a DiscoveREAD surprise bag. Don’t have a library card yet? Get one here. Have a question? Email us at askkpl@org

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