Emergency Preparedness Week

Post by Megan, Information Services staff and Amy, Country Hills staff 

This week (May 2-8) is Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada. Alexander Graham Bell said “Preparation is the Key to Success” and we agree with that statement. This is your chance to take stock and take action. Making time to plan ahead could save your life if a large-scale emergency were to happen. You should tackle these tasks to be better prepared: 

Everyone should have an active role in emergency preparation. Follow the links provided in this post to get ideas (or do your own research). Then, tailor your plans to your specific location, and to the people and pets that you live with and care about. If you don’t have an emergency kit at all, you could first shop your home for kit items. Purchase some other key items to get started and add more supplies to your kit each month. 

Once completed, it is good to review plans and contents of your kit frequently. Some organizations suggest to check items every 3 months while others suggest once or twice per year. Find what works for you and set up a system to remind you when to review. For example, you might check your plans and kit when we change the clocks (and the batteries on your smoke detectors) twice each year. 

Need further inspiration? Check out some of these non-fiction and fiction titles in our collection. We’ve highlighted everything from first aid, foraging and survival guides, to post-apocalyptic and dystopian novels.

Survival Guides

Dystopian & Post-Apocalyptic Fiction

More Emergency Prep

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