Victoria Day

Post by Ingrid, Information Services Staff.

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For those of you fortunate to have a three-day long weekend, what are you going to do? I know lots of us are working some time over the weekend but maybe there’s something here for you too. Queen Victoria would have been 202 this May 24. She’s the reason we have a national holiday on Monday, in honour of the Queen of England’s birthday. Canada has been celebrating her birthday since 1845. We weren’t even a country back then but we knew the importance of this lady. 

Queen Victoria ruled as the monarch for 63 years, the longest reigning monarch until Queen Elizabeth surpassed her, with her current 69 years. In 1837, she came to rule at 18 when her uncle William IV died and she left the monarchy when she died in 1901. Let Queen Victoria be your inspiration for planning your weekend! 

She wrote in her journal an average of 2,500 words every day. Discover what life was like for Queen Victoria on the day she became queen in her digitized journals

Learn more about journaling and the written word

Queen Victoria learned a new language in her late sixties when she started a friendship with Abdul Karim who she met at her Golden Jubilee celebration. Abdul was helping as a waiter but was soon promoted to Munshi, teaching Victoria Urdu and acting as a clerk. 

Watch the Movie or Learn Urdu 

Queen Victoria loved a good photograph. Her lady-in-waiting Eleanor Stanley remarked she ‘could be bought and sold for a photograph’. Photography started as an artform and a way to capture life in the late 1830s. So, Victoria’s entire reign can be seen in photos. Aside from her journals, she loved to have daily family life recorded with photos and to help shape her public image.

Books about Photography

If you’re thinking of getting some vegetables in the ground to help nourish your families, limit emissions from transportation of goods, and to help you get outside for some vitamin D, this is the weekend to start. In our area of Ontario, the last frost date is May 11, which means on average there shouldn’t be any more frost after this date. You still need to watch the seedlings, but in order to get a long enough growing season, now’s the time to start. Scroll through to find a handy chart explaining when to start planting different crops. 

Gardening Resources

Still interested in Queen Victoria’s legacy? Here are library items you can reserve to learn more about her life or alternate histories.




Although the phrase wasn’t coined until the beginning of the Second World War, I think Queen Victoria would have encouraged us to keep on doing what we’ve been doing.  

Stay home and wash your hands. 

All the best for a great Victoria Day weekend 2021! 

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