The QueerKPL Zine Issue 1

Post by Ellie, Information Services Staff.

It’s finally here! The first issue of The QueerKPL is hot off the presses!

The QueerKPL zine was created on May 11 2021 during our program QueerKPL – Let’s Make a Zine! A group of 2SLGBTQIA+ folks met up over Zoom and talked, wrote, collaged and illustrated together. These pages capture a day in the life of a queer person in Waterloo Region during Ontario’s third and longest lockdown due to COVID. This program and zine is an attempt to connect the queer community even when we’re apart. Stay tuned for future QueerKPL zine making programs when quarantine is over – hopefully one day!

The first issue of The QueerKPL Zine was created by the attendees and facilitators of the QueerKPL Let’s Make a Zine event and it’s a beauty! Pick up a copy at Central Library (while supplies last) or check out the digital copy below!

  • QueerKPL is a initiative from Kitchener Public Library that provides 2SLGBTQIA+ specific programs, events, librarianship and resources. Interested in more information about QueerKPL and Kitchener Public Library’s 2SLGBTQIA+ resources? Check out all of the QueerKPL Blog posts here.
  • And to see what QueerKPL Event are coming up, search for QueerKPL at Our next event is QueerKPL Book Club on July 28th, where we will discuss Vivek Shraya’s The Subtweet. Read more about this book and group in this blog post.
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Disclaimer: Kitchener Public Library welcomes all members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. We actively seek to include trans and gender non-binary folks, BIPOC, queer folks with disabilities, and those experiencing homelessness in our Queer programming, content and collections. We respect and aim to promote the intersectional identities of all individuals, but understand that our list of gender and sexual identities may not be fully comprehensive. Our goal is to create positive, welcoming, diverse, and inclusive content for all. 

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