Game Review: It Takes Two (PS4)

Post by Kim, Information Services staff

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When I was young, the only way to play games with your friends was side by side on the same couch (or often floor). Sometimes it didn’t even matter if the game had multiplayer! Now, thanks to the internet, we can play with strangers at any time of day, all around the world; and we see less and less of games that allow you to play with a friend or family member on the same TV.  
I think this was one of the biggest draws for me to It Takes Two, which can only be played co-operatively. The premise is that you and your co-op partner will control a set of parents whose relationship is strained and on the brink of divorce. After their daughter learns about the impending divorce, she wishes for them to fall in love again, accidentally turns them into dolls and starts a hilarious adventure for her parents in a beautiful larger-than-life world.  

The game relies on communication between you and your partner to navigate puzzles and platforming mechanics as team. The platforming (all the running and jumping) is probably my favourite part. The movement controls are responsive, easy to learn and most importantly super fun!  

The fact that the controls are easy to learn actually make this an ideal entry for casual gamers. As a casual gamer, you have the benefit of not learning a game all on your own, as the game is paced in such a way that the other player can never leave you behind. All of the puzzles require collaboration and communication to be done successfully and none of them felt so challenging that I moved on feeling frustrated or needing to quit.  

Now given that we are still in the midst of a global pandemic, it is not always possible to be on the same couch with someone you’d like to try this game with. I am happy to report that while this game is a great couch co-op option, it does still have an online way to play – and your co-op partner doesn’t also need to buy/borrow the game! Hazelight Studios, the developers of It Takes Two (and other wonderful co-op experiences) allow your co-op partner to download a guest pass in order to play for free! 

I highly recommend this game to anyone who already enjoys and excels at platforming games, as well as those who have never tried one!  

It Takes Two is also available on Xbox One (and PC).  

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