Science Literacy Week: Climate

September 20 – 26, 2021

Post by Megan, Information Services Staff and Paul, Forest Heights Staff 

an image of Bill Nye, the Science Guy saying his famous catch phrase “Science Rules”

It’s Science Literacy Week, a week to celebrate and explore Canadian Science. This year, the theme is “Climate.” You don’t have to be a professional scientist to enjoy or participate in science. Read on for information about events and media recommendations to quench your thirst for knowledge.


There are lots of events to take part in, whether you join something happening nationally or locally. At KPL we have: 

Engineering Science Quest 

These programs are for children in grades 1-6 and include a kit to follow along with the YouTube Live. For science literacy week, choose from activities about weather instruments, global warming, clouds, flooding and coding. Registration is required. 

85 Queen: Where Did the Universe Come From?  

Where Did the Universe Come From? and Other Cosmic Questions allows readers to eavesdrop on a conversation between award-winning physicists Chris Ferrie and Geraint F. Lewis as they examine the universe through two unifying (yet often contradictory) lenses of classical physics and quantum mechanics. The authors will be with us on Zoom. 

85 Green: The Importance of Bees 

Join us for an evening discussion about bees with Central Library’s resident beekeeper Erica Shelley. Erica will be talking to us about our busy little friends, the work that they do for us, how climate change is impacting them and in general how very important they are to the ecosystem.

A Day in the Life of a Scientist

Check out a day in the life of a scientist and follow along with René Sahba Shahmohamadloo. René has a PhD in Environmental Toxicology and is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of Guelph. He is an aquatic toxicologist and is currently studying the biology of harmful algal blooms and how they affect biodiversity.

Environmental Justice Books

When we talk about climate change, it is important to also talk about environmental justice. Environmental justice is loosely defined as the “fair” distribution of environmental benefits and burdens. These titles showcase true stories with topics including resource exploitation, pollution and climate change in North America and around the globe. They explore environmental ideas including perspectives of folks from the global majority.

Science Podcasts

Podcasts are a fantastic option to incorporate science into your everyday. Listen to these bite-sized bits on the go or bring real scientists into your home to think about the world around you and imagine the future.  

StarTalk Radio 

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson teams up with a rotating team of comedians and pop culture icons to discuss science and geeky things with scientific experts. Guests have included Bill Nye, Stephen Hawking, Queen Latifah and Stephen Colbert. Start with: 

The Infinite Monkey Cage 

In this BBC podcast, Physicist Brian Cox and Comedian Brian Ince discuss all aspects of modern science with scientists, comedians and a healthy dose of British wit and sarcasm. Recent guests of the show include Jane Goodall, Brian Greene, Eric Idle and Conan O’Brien. Recommended episodes:   


Particle Physicist Sean Carroll gets into the nitty gritty of some of the biggest questions in modern science and tries to apply scientific thinking to other topics. Most episodes are accessible to the non-scientist (except the math and physics ones). Try these:  

Flash Forward 

Flash Forward offers glimpses into the possible (or not-so possible) future. Each episode focuses on a technological or societal change that could occur and the effects of those changes. The episodes start with a cast of characters acting out a future scenario, and finish with expert interviews to explore how that future might become a reality. 

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