Theatre is back!

Post by Cecilia, Information Services staff

Yes, it’s true! Multicultural Theatre Space (MT Space) is a local theatre company, and I am very excited to share with you a bit of their coming International Theatre Festival: IMPACT 21, adapted for COVID times… with an amazing combination of shows in-person (mostly outdoors) and virtually.

I have my pass already! The festival goes from September 28th to October 9th, and I can’t wait!

Inspired by the description of the performances (I haven’t seen them yet!), I thought about exploring our own collection of materials at KPL that could help support or accompany some of the topics being addressed in these performances. If you click on these words, you will find lists of titles that could be of help! Sometimes through fiction, others with non-fiction, but also movies, music and even recipe books, I hope you will enjoy my connections!

Here are my descriptions of some of the performances (in order to keep this blog short and to the point, I am going to offer very brief descriptions. For the original ones, go to their site):

The Bell: The play is set in the late 80’s, during the Lebanese Civil War.

Black Flags: This piece, an MT Space production, will explore the topics of Extremism and the Media.

DiSCoVeR: Is an experimental theatre project for children. Here are some of our materials about Theatre for children.

Fuego Rojo: a production from Chile that will use texts by Eduardo Galeano to explore the history of Latin America. Unfortunately, KPL doesn’t have his Open Veins of Latin America but you can ask for it with an Interlibrary Loan.

The Last Poet: Can a poet change the world? You can find other people and ways of changing the world here.

Mobs (or Exercises in Citizenship): Explores the idea of Homeland in Tunisia. We also have a title that seems to touch on this in a fictionalized way: Hope has two daughters by Monia Mazigh.

NAC Free Rein Residency: will dive into the importance of Indigenous dance in one of their performances, and of Japanese Canadian identity and ostracization in the other. 

Omi Mouna: Or, My Fantastic Encounter with My Great Grandmother: is a tragic comic play that deals with the topic of family violence.

A Seat at the Table: Is a solo performance about the Black experience.

This is Not a Conversation: dives right into the Israel Palestine conflict.

Looking for more suggestions of what to watch / listen / read next? Request a DiscoveREAD surprise bag. Don’t have a library card yet? Get one here. Have a question? Email us at askkpl@org.