World Mental Health Day 

Post by Kim & Ingrid, Information Services Staff 

It’s been a particularly tough few years as COVID-19 has had a major impact on many people’s mental health. We want to help raise awareness on this important issue in advance of World Mental Health Day which occurs on October 10th each year.  

What is Mental Health? 

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental health refers to a state of well-being similar to the concept of physical health. It is not the same thing as mental illness, and the presence or absence of a mental illness is not a predictor of someone’s mental health.  

Did you know that in any given year, 1 in 5 people in Canada will personally experience a mental health problem or illness? The good news is that the symptoms of mental health problems or illnesses can be treated with the right supports.  

How can I support my Mental Health? 

There are multiple ways to care for your mental well-being.  

Connect with others: Being isolated can create loneliness, which is why it’s important to connect with other people, whether it’s in person, on the phone, or over a video call. Reach out to others, even if sometimes it feels hard to do.  

Practice mindfulness: Sometimes you just need to slow down and focus inward on yourself and your emotions. Check out our blog on Mental Health Resources to find some free wellness apps or grab a Sensory Kit from your nearest branch between Oct. 7-9th.  

Sensory Kits Available October 7-9th! 

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In addition to raising awareness surrounding mental well-being, we want to provide support and understanding to those who might need some help coping on a difficult day.  

The Sensory Kits contain items to spark your five senses and to practice mindfulness. By taking the time to relax and focus on your senses, you can calm your mind and decrease stress, anxiety, uneasiness or depression.  

Kits are available at all Kitchener Public Library locations between Thursday October 7th and Saturday October 9th while supplies last. 

Ask for help: Let those you trust know how you are doing and how to support you. Seek out trained professionals in the region for more assistance. Here’s a list of some local counselling services: 

Books on Mental Health 

eBooks on Mental Health 

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