International Games Week – Game Review: No Man’s Sky 

Post by Joseph, Information Services staff 

Pictured: A starship travelling quickly through an asteroid field between planets
A starship travelling quickly through an asteroid field between planets

If you’ve ever wanted to explore distant planets and galaxies, or chart your own path through space as a survivor of a crashed spaceship, then No Man’s Sky is the game for you. A procedurally-generated, infinite universe of alien worlds awaits. You awaken on an unknown planet, and must gather resources to survive and repair your damaged starship. Then, it’s off to the stars, where adventure and mysteries abound. 

Originally released in 2016, No Man’s Sky has received a number of free updates since, adding new content and abilities to the game. Developed by Hello Games, the game has worked through some initial bugs and is now highly reviewed, after expansions to game content like the ability to create and manage settlements, and improvements to multiplayer features.  

The game prompts the player on how to use your in-game multi-tool to find and extract resources from rock formations, flora, or mineral deposits around you, and how to refine and construct items out of those materials. The prompts and hints are clear without giving too much away, and push you to explore and discover, but create freedom for veteran players to choose their own path. 

Each planet has its own challenges and hazards, such as extreme temperatures and weather, toxic atmospheres, or high radiation. Players will have to maintain their life support systems, while also keeping a lookout for hazardous plants and animals. There’s a variety of other life forms in the galaxies as well, with alien settlements, trade posts, and space stations scattered throughout the planets. Additionally, there’s the ‘Anomaly,’ a special space station that serves as a gathering point for players, and a place to team up for missions, unlock new technology, and unlock new plot quests. 

No Man’s Sky can be played solo, or in cross-platform multiplayer, meaning that players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC can all interact and play together. 

You can borrow the game from KPL for Xbox One here, or for PS4 here

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