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Access to clean drinking water is an important but often overlooked issue. This month, we want to shed light on breakthroughs and concerns here in our community, across the country and around the world. Check out some of these fiction titles that made a splash with us and explore the importance of groundwater as well as ways to conserve water at home.

While water awareness is a very important and serious topic, it’s also good to find joy within tough topics. We have curated a fun water themed playlist for you to enjoy and provide positive vibes while you read on.  

Around the World

Water is a global concern and different areas of the world have different challenges surrounding it. Additionally, there is ongoing research and hope surrounding the future of clean drinking water. Read and watch more about water woes worldwide.

Local Concerns

Even here in Ontario, unfortunately not everyone has consistent access to clean drinking water. Indigenous nations in Northern Ontario have remained under a boil water advisory for years and there have been more than one major water crisis in our lifetime. Check out some of our digital content below to learn more and consider getting involved with the resources listed at the bottom of this page. 

Water Stories

Water is life. Are you aware of the importance of water and how it affects your everyday life? These entries represent the variety of influences of water in fiction stories and are for your entertainment! 

More to Explore

World Water Day

World Water Day is Tuesday March 22nd and the topic is Groundwater – Making the Invisible Visible. The University of Waterloo is running two webinars regarding groundwater and environmental racism and social justice.

Learn more about groundwater in the Region of Waterloo and consider challenging yourself to use less road salt this month.    

Water First Education 

Water First is an organization based out of Ontario that works to address drinking water concerns and environmental challenges faced by Indigenous communities. Their website includes educational material to teach about water while incorporating Indigenous words and values.   

Explore more books on the topic of water conservation here in our catalogue. You can also find more tips about reducing water use on the Region of Waterloo website

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