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Asian Heritage Month is celebrated every May in Canada, and aims to focus on the amazing achievements and contributions of Canadians of Asian descent. This month’s Digital Living page celebrates Asian stories of resilience and resolve in today’s world and throughout history in Canada. The experiences of Canadian Asians caught between cultures is explored as well. 

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Stories of Recognition, Resilience, and Resolve  

Let’s celebrate and learn about recent meaningful contributions of Asian Canadians, Americans, and others around the world.

A Historical Perspective

These entries are selected in recognition of the Asian experience in Canada with an historical focus. These stories about individuals and events that have shaped our country may inspire an interest in learning more about Asian Canadian history. 

Third Culture Kids

Third culture kids are people of all ages who grew up in a culture different from their home culture. They often don’t feel they belong in either but instead in a unique third culture. Read and watch more about the experiences of Asian Canadians living between cultures. 

More to Explore

Asian Heritage Book Lists

Request a DiscoveRead Surprise Bag to receive books or movies by Asian creators or check out our #AsianVoices catalogue tag or our e-books/e-audiobooks page to discover a new read!  

Canadian Asian Heritage Month Opening Ceremonies 2022   

The Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc. presents an opportunity to register for the virtual opening ceremonies on May 7th 2022, celebrating the 20th anniversary of the signing of the Asian Heritage Month Declaration in Canada.  

Guest speakers include the Mayor of Toronto, and Stephen Siu, Dr. Vivienne Poy, and Justin Poy and the Minister of Housing and Diversity and Inclusion. 

Find in more Asian Heritage Month events here.  

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