Here’s to Hiking!

Post by Anne, Information Services Staff

At the Library

Did you know the library has Park Passes to local and provincial parks you can use for free? Put your Park Pass on hold with your library card today using these links: 

Your adventures will be complete with the Kitchener Public Library’s Wildlife Kit. The kit includes: 

  • Compass 
  • Binoculars 
  • Pocket microscope 
  • Lorimer guidebook 
  • Grand River guidebook

The Great Outdoors Experience Bag is a kit available with a delightful media mix for you to enjoy with handpicked DVD, book, and CD.

Check out these Ontario books to guide you on your way

In your armchair

Sit back and relax on a rainy day enjoying these entertainment films about the hiking adventures for young and old alike. 

Through your Earphones

When you can’t be in the woods, enjoy the sounds of nature wherever your city sidewalks take you. 

Have questions? Want more recommendations?  

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