More Book Club Ideas

Post by Megan and Anne, Information Services staff  We may be biased, but book clubs are fabulous! In this series, we’ve told you why we think book clubs are wonderful, shared some clubs you can join and given you ideas for hosting your own. Now we’re here with more recommendations from the KPL collection and beyond. Each of the suggestions below starts with a… Read More More Book Club Ideas

International Games Week – Game Review: No Man’s Sky 

Post by Joseph, Information Services staff  If you’ve ever wanted to explore distant planets and galaxies, or chart your own path through space as a survivor of a crashed spaceship, then No Man’s Sky is the game for you. A procedurally-generated, infinite universe of alien worlds awaits. You awaken on an unknown planet, and must gather resources to survive and… Read More International Games Week – Game Review: No Man’s Sky 

Digital Living – G Rated (For Kids)

Post by Anne, Curtis, Megan & Valerie, Information Services staff When you think about digital library content, we hope you’ll also think about children’s content. The best reasons to access children’s resources online are that the content is free, it does not have advertisements and it is often educational! We have platforms that are geared just for kids, like Tumble Books, LOTE Online for… Read More Digital Living – G Rated (For Kids)

International Games Week 2021 

Post by Kim, Information Services staff  International Games Week runs November 7-13th this year! This year we are highlighting video games here at Kitchener Public Library (KPL).   Did you know?  If you don’t already play video games, you might not know that they promote eye coordination, finger/hand dexterity, empathy/emotional growth and social interaction. Video games can be used as… Read More International Games Week 2021 

Financial Literacy Month 2021

Post by Megan and Anne, Information Services staff November is Financial Literacy Month….which is just a fancy way of saying it’s worth dedicating a month to learning about money and how to successfully manage it. Scroll on down to find out about library programs, items to borrow, and community resources to set you on the path to achieving your dreams.  Programs  Have you… Read More Financial Literacy Month 2021

Media Literacy Week 2021

Post by Curtis, Information Services staff In our current state of an international pandemic, the concern over media literacy in the digital world has never been greater. With the withdrawal from public life and the focus on our various screens, we’ve looked to media to help us through these trying times. We made huge shifts in our lives… Read More Media Literacy Week 2021