Cycle into Summer!

Post by Jessica & Ali, Information Services Staff Bike Month is a celebration of cycling and all things bike-related! Whether it means riding a bike for the first time or for the 1000th time this June, there are opportunities to learn new skills, have fun, and connect with fellow bikers. Biking means helping the environment,… Read More Cycle into Summer!


Post by Joseph, Information Services staff Want to learn how to knit, or discover more about different knitting traditions around the world? Here’s a selection of new knitting books to help you find inspiration for a new project, or dip your toes into the world of possibilities! Looking to connect and chat with other knitters?… Read More Knitting

International Games Week 2021 

Post by Kim, Information Services staff  International Games Week runs November 7-13th this year! This year we are highlighting video games here at Kitchener Public Library (KPL).   Did you know?  If you don’t already play video games, you might not know that they promote eye coordination, finger/hand dexterity, empathy/emotional growth and social interaction. Video games can be used as… Read More International Games Week 2021 

Financial Literacy Month 2021

Post by Megan and Anne, Information Services staff November is Financial Literacy Month….which is just a fancy way of saying it’s worth dedicating a month to learning about money and how to successfully manage it. Scroll on down to find out about library programs, items to borrow, and community resources to set you on the path to achieving your dreams.  Programs  Have you… Read More Financial Literacy Month 2021

Islamic Heritage Month

Post by Matt, Information Services staff October is Islamic Heritage Month! Unfamiliar with this holiday? Islamic Heritage Month is a month-long celebration of the arts, culture, scientific and social achievements of our Muslim friends and neighbours, past and present. While the official recognition is fairly new, Islamic peoples have been a part of Canada since… Read More Islamic Heritage Month

World Mental Health Day 

Post by Kim & Ingrid, Information Services Staff  It’s been a particularly tough few years as COVID-19 has had a major impact on many people’s mental health. We want to help raise awareness on this important issue in advance of World Mental Health Day which occurs on October 10th each year.   What is Mental Health?  According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental health refers to… Read More World Mental Health Day 

DIY Festival 2021: Try DIY

Post by Valerie, Information Services staff As the days get shorter and the weather cools down, October is a great month to attend the DIY Festival virtually at KPL! In recent years, and increasingly during the pandemic, there’s been an explosion of interest in DIY. Some people use DIY as a healthy way to escape from the stress of every-day life. … Read More DIY Festival 2021: Try DIY

Science Literacy Week: Climate

September 20 – 26, 2021 Post by Megan, Information Services Staff and Paul, Forest Heights Staff  It’s Science Literacy Week, a week to celebrate and explore Canadian Science. This year, the theme is “Climate.” You don’t have to be a professional scientist to enjoy or participate in science. Read on for information about events and media recommendations to quench your thirst… Read More Science Literacy Week: Climate

September is World Alzheimer’s Month

Post by Kim, Information Services Staff In Canada, we recognize January as Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, but worldwide it is September and World Alzheimer’s Day is September 21st every year. This year the World Alzheimer’s Month campaign is focused around recognizing and diagnosing Dementia and Alzheimer’s.   What is the difference between Dementia and Alzheimer’s?  Dementia is a general term for symptoms associated with… Read More September is World Alzheimer’s Month