85 Green: Get to know Chef Zerka

Post by Kristin, Information Services Staff. The 85Green: Cooking Series is a new collaboration with Collective Catering at The Underground Flavour Group. With monthly recipes designed for both individuals and families, we hope to build up food literacy in the community while exploring the intersection of food and culture.  This month, Chef Zerka is our featured chef. Get to know her before… Read More 85 Green: Get to know Chef Zerka

Creativity 101: Make Something!

Post by Ingrid, Information Services staff Mending Do you feel like getting creative? Tired of Netflix and family walks and discussions about self-care? Do you need to get creative before you bust? Start small. Mend some socks. Stitch the hole in your cardigan. Rescue your favourite pair of jeans from the mending pile. You don’t need a fancy sewing machine – just a needle and… Read More Creativity 101: Make Something!