More Book Club Ideas

Post by Megan and Anne, Information Services staff  We may be biased, but book clubs are fabulous! In this series, we’ve told you why we think book clubs are wonderful, shared some clubs you can join and given you ideas for hosting your own. Now we’re here with more recommendations from the KPL collection and beyond. Each of the suggestions below starts with a… Read More More Book Club Ideas

QueerKPL: Media Club

Post by Jesse, Information Services staff. The Subtweet examines the intersections of the music industry, race, and social media through the transformative friendship between two musicians. Vivek Shraya described her identity in a 2016 interview as “Artist / South Asian / Trans / Femme / Bisexual”. Her art is multidisciplinary, ranging from music to photography… Read More QueerKPL: Media Club

85 QUEEN: An Evening with Catherine Bush

On December 9th, library customers were treated to a fascinating conversation about the nature of accusations. Can we ever really know the truth of a situation? Andrea Bellemare, journalist with CBC-KW, interviewed  author Catherine Bush about her most recent critically acclaimed novel, Accusation. The novel tells the story of a journalist, Sara Wheeler, as she… Read More 85 QUEEN: An Evening with Catherine Bush