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Learning with KPL and Lynda.com

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We’ve got great news –  Kitchener Public Library is now offering FREE, unlimited access to Lynda.com. This amazing online learning service is yours to use in the library, from home, work, or anywhere with internet access.

Whatever your goals are this year, Kitchener Public Library can help you reach them. Just use your Kitchener Public Library card to set up an account and get started!

Learn a new skill at your own pace: from 3D and animation to web design and wireframing, and everything in between. There are more than 4,000 courses to choose from in business, technology, creative skills, and more, taught by industry experts.

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Happy trails to you, Ann Wood!

1977_Halloween_Ann Bullock

Ann Wood, Halloween, 1979

Silly Love Songs by Paul McCartney and Wings was playing on on the eight-track.  People got off the couch and changed the channel from Laverne and Shirley to Charlie’s Angels. Pet rocks and jumping beans were almost as popular as real pets.

It was 1976 when Ann Wood started her career at Kitchener Public Library, and we kept her here for four decades. But this week, we say goodbye as she leaves for a well-deserved retirement.

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Sonia Lewis: An extroverted introvert


"I use humour to break the ice, and to change the image of the library and librarians," says Kitchener Public Library CEO Sonia Lewis (centre).

“I use humour to break the ice, and to change the image of the library and librarians,” says Kitchener Public Library CEO Sonia Lewis (centre).

Sonia Lewis had just graduated from library school at McGill and was interviewing for a job with the University of Toronto Library Automation System.

It didn’t go well.

The vice-president of the company thought she was too shy and quiet for the job as a marketing representative. But someone else convinced him to give her a chance – they really needed bilingual representatives, and Sonia was fluent in French and English.

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