Post by Joseph, Information Services staff While many of us think about gardening more in the spring, now is the perfect time to be enjoying gardens and getting inspired for next year! Whether it’s your own backyard, walks in your neighbourhood or local park, or a road trip to a more interesting garden, there’s lots… Read More Gardening

Victoria Day

Post by Ingrid, Information Services Staff. For those of you fortunate to have a three-day long weekend, what are you going to do? I know lots of us are working some time over the weekend but maybe there’s something here for you too. Queen Victoria would have been 202 this May 24. She’s the reason we have a national holiday on Monday, in honour of the… Read More Victoria Day

We Dig Plants!

Post by Aimee, Information Services staff I think it was week 2 of lockdown that I decided to plant more seeds and focus on my garden. Gardening this year was a quarantine distraction, added purpose, and green therapy. When the garden centres re-opened, I waited in line for 45 minutes and knew I wasn’t alone.… Read More We Dig Plants!

Where seedlings are planted and conversations bloom

POST BY TAMSIN COBB Senior Library Assistant and Children’s Programmer This spring, tweens in our Maker Club got their hands dirty, joyously scooping soil into containers, diligently marking holes, carefully placing seeds down, and meticulously watering to start our 85 Green Learning Garden project. With each new cell they started, the participants eagerly chose the… Read More Where seedlings are planted and conversations bloom