World Mental Health Day 

Post by Kim & Ingrid, Information Services Staff  It’s been a particularly tough few years as COVID-19 has had a major impact on many people’s mental health. We want to help raise awareness on this important issue in advance of World Mental Health Day which occurs on October 10th each year.   What is Mental Health?  According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, mental health refers to… Read More World Mental Health Day 


Post by Jesse, Information Services staff Bibliotherapy is a methodology that has been explored in Canadian libraries more recently. It has been more commonly found within UK libraries during the last decade. Bibliotherapy involves the use of books to help people heal social, emotional or personal problems. The practice of reading more mindfully, within all genres,… Read More Bibliotherapy

Mental Health Resources

Post by Kassandra, Information Services Staff.   I am not sure why this round of lockdown seems to feel so much more difficult, but I do know that my mental health is certainly feeling it. While this topic of mental health may be difficult to talk about, I think acknowledging mental health, and checking in with yourself is important, but… Read More Mental Health Resources