Queer Graphic Novels: A Virtual Gallery 

Post by Kim, Information Services  2021 has been the year of queer for my bookshelf with over half of the books I’ve read this year featuring 2SLGBTQIA+ characters or written by an author who identifies as 2SLGBTQIA+. I especially love graphic novels and I have not been disappointed by the amount of excellent queer options released over the past few years.   I… Read More Queer Graphic Novels: A Virtual Gallery 

Film Review: The Last Unicorn

Post by Curtis, Information Services staff Recently, on an evening where I needed the warm glow of TikTok to comfort me after a particularly long day, I came across a video that unexpectedly struck me pretty hard. A user on the app responded to a request for clips of childhood movies that ‘hit differently’ when viewed as an adult. The chosen clip that played out on screen was a moment from the 1982 animated… Read More Film Review: The Last Unicorn

Book Review: The Death of Vivek Oji

Post by Kim, Information Services The Death of Vivek Oji is a captivating and moving story by Nigerian author Akwaeke Emezi.   Vivek Oji, the main character, is a bit of a mystery to his family. His mother Kavita knows Vivek is a gentle soul even though others view him as different and troubled. His father, Chika, is more concerned about the danger of Vivek going out with long hair in an intolerant Nigerian society,… Read More Book Review: The Death of Vivek Oji

QueerKPL: Media Club

Post by Jesse, Information Services staff. The Subtweet examines the intersections of the music industry, race, and social media through the transformative friendship between two musicians. Vivek Shraya described her identity in a 2016 interview as “Artist / South Asian / Trans / Femme / Bisexual”. Her art is multidisciplinary, ranging from music to photography… Read More QueerKPL: Media Club

Queer Zines

Post by Ellie, Information Services Staff. On May 11, 2021 Kitchener Public Library is hosting QueerKPL: Let’s Make A Zine! A program where anyone who identified as 2SLGBTQIA+ will hang out over zoom (with their freshly picked up zine making supply kits) and create the first issue of the QueerKPL Zine! (Pssst! Sign up here… Read More Queer Zines

Queer KPL Media Club: All Boys Aren’t Blue

Post by Kim, Information Services staff All Boys Aren’t Blue is a series of thought-provoking personal essays by George M. Johnson that we will be discussing as a part of Queer Media Club this month.   It’s a memoir that discusses the trials and triumphs of growing up Black and Queer in the United States, something that has been rarely written about. Johnson speaks candidly about… Read More Queer KPL Media Club: All Boys Aren’t Blue

QueerKPL Media Club: But I’m a Cheerleader

Post by Elliott, Information Services staff Content note: But I’m a Cheerleader is set at a camp called ‘True Directions’ which aims to turn 2SLGBTQIA+ teenagers straight. Although the movie is a comedy, it does deal with issues that may distress some viewers such as: homophobia, sexism, conversion therapy, religious abuse. (Source: TW Database) But… Read More QueerKPL Media Club: But I’m a Cheerleader