Summer, so fleeting but so fun

Just a few more days before the kids are back to to school.

The kids, the kids, the kids. The thousands of kids who trooped through all five library locations this year – making forts, making puppets, making costumes, making concoctions, making movies. Playing games, banging drums, taking pictures, breaking records. Exploring science – outer space, dinosaurs, earthquakes, wetlands, and electrical circuits. Partying like a Minion, and petting a real live kangaroo.

And of course, reading, reading, reading.

I’m amazed by the hard work and ingenuity of the staff of Children’s and Teen Services, led by Laura and librarians Kevin, Barb, and Christy. Along with children’s programmers Emily, Jen, Cheryl, Roberta, Karen B., Karen W., and Kelly, and with the support of Olga, Lisa, Farzanah, Sarah, Priscilla, and Aleida, they planned and hosted more than 200 individual programs and events during July and August.

We also owe a huge thank you to the more than 80 teen volunteers who supported children’s programming and the TD Summer Reading Club.

We’re looking forward to welcoming you and your children back this fall. We’re hosting more programs and events than ever before. Check out our full calendar, or look through the online edition of In Touch magazine. Print copies of In Touch are also currently available at all library locations.

Take a look at all the fun we had:

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